White Light 
for the Soul

Guidance & Healing for the Authentic Self

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Namaste, and welcome to
White Light for the Soul.

am so very pleased that you have found me, and I would love to help guide you on your soul's journey. 

Whether this means you receive a reading from me, allow me to connect with a loved one or one of your spirit guides on the Other Side, or would simply like a chat about spirituality or some guidance, I am here to help with love and compassion.

I offer a range of services, including tarot, intuitive and channeled readings, spirit connection, energy healing, and psychic development and tarot courses. I take my work very seriously and am always honest with my clients; providing insight into what needs to be focused on at that particular point in time, as well as guidance on how to move forward with confidence and clarity. While I pride myself on my accuracy and clear connection with Spirit, I am also forever learning, and share my own research and insights freely with others.  

My main goal is to help others to heal, to live an empowered and authentic life, and provide the tools they need to trust their own connection with Spirit. 

Love and Light,



White Light for the Soul 
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